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2013 College Football Standings
ACC Conference
AtlanticConfAllScoring ATS
FLORIDA ST9-01.00014-01.00051.612.1+39.5 Pts7-07-011-3-078.6%10-4-0
CLEMSON7-10.87511-20.84640.222.2+18.0 Pts6-15-17-5-158.3%8-5-0
BOSTON COLLEGE4-40.5007-60.53827.728.9-1.2 Pts5-12-57-6-053.8%9-4-0
SYRACUSE4-40.5007-60.53822.725.4-2.7 Pts4-23-49-4-069.2%6-7-0
MARYLAND3-50.3757-60.53826.225.3+0.8 Pts3-34-37-6-053.8%8-5-0
WAKE FOREST2-60.2504-80.33318.324.1-5.8 Pts3-31-55-7-041.7%3-8-1
NC STATE0-80.0003-90.25022.830.2-7.3 Pts3-50-43-8-127.3%6-6-0
CoastalConfAllScoring ATS
DUKE6-30.66710-40.71432.826.6+6.1 Pts5-25-211-3-078.6%6-7-1
MIAMI5-30.6259-40.69233.826.8+7.1 Pts6-13-35-8-038.5%7-6-0
VIRGINIA TECH5-30.6258-50.61522.519.3+3.2 Pts4-24-34-7-236.4%5-8-0
GEORGIA TECH5-30.6257-60.53835.122.8+12.2 Pts5-22-45-8-038.5%8-5-0
N CAROLINA4-40.5007-60.53832.724.5+8.2 Pts4-33-37-5-158.3%4-9-0
PITTSBURGH3-50.3757-60.53826.327.2-0.8 Pts4-33-35-8-038.5%6-6-0
VIRGINIA0-80.0002-100.16719.833.2-13.5 Pts2-60-46-6-050.0%9-3-0
ConfAllScoring ATS
UCF8-01.00012-10.92334.621.3+13.3 Pts5-17-08-5-061.5%5-8-0
LOUISVILLE7-10.87512-10.92335.212.2+23.0 Pts6-16-06-7-046.2%3-10-0
CINCINNATI6-20.7509-40.69232.121.0+11.1 Pts5-14-36-7-046.2%7-5-1
HOUSTON5-30.6258-50.61533.221.8+11.4 Pts4-24-310-3-076.9%6-7-0
SMU4-40.5005-70.41726.833.3-6.6 Pts3-32-45-6-145.5%7-5-0
RUTGERS3-50.3756-70.46226.529.8-3.2 Pts5-21-55-7-141.7%5-8-0
CONNECTICUT3-50.3753-90.25020.630.2-9.7 Pts2-51-45-7-041.7%7-5-0
S FLORIDA2-60.2502-100.16713.828.6-14.8 Pts1-61-45-7-041.7%3-9-0
MEMPHIS1-70.1253-90.25019.524.6-5.1 Pts2-51-46-6-050.0%4-8-0
TEMPLE1-70.1252-100.16724.929.8-4.9 Pts1-51-58-4-066.7%5-7-0
BIG TEN Conference
LeadersConfAllScoring ATS
OHIO ST8-10.88912-20.85745.522.6+22.9 Pts7-05-26-7-146.2%10-4-0
WISCONSIN6-20.7509-40.69234.816.3+18.5 Pts6-13-39-3-175.0%5-8-0
PENN ST4-40.5007-50.58328.726.2+2.5 Pts5-22-35-7-041.7%7-5-0
INDIANA3-50.3755-70.41738.438.8-0.4 Pts5-30-45-7-041.7%9-3-0
ILLINOIS1-70.1254-80.33329.735.4-5.7 Pts3-41-46-6-050.0%7-5-0
PURDUE0-80.0001-110.08314.938.0-23.1 Pts1-60-54-8-033.3%6-5-1
LegendsConfAllScoring ATS
MICHIGAN ST9-01.00013-10.92929.413.2+16.1 Pts7-06-19-4-169.2%6-8-0
NEBRASKA5-30.6259-40.69231.924.8+7.1 Pts5-34-17-6-053.8%6-7-0
IOWA5-30.6258-50.61526.318.9+7.4 Pts4-34-28-5-061.5%7-5-1
MINNESOTA4-40.5008-50.61525.722.2+3.5 Pts5-23-39-4-069.2%6-7-0
MICHIGAN3-50.3757-60.53832.226.8+5.4 Pts5-22-47-6-053.8%6-7-0
NORTHWESTERN1-70.1255-70.41726.227.1-0.9 Pts3-42-33-9-025.0%4-8-0
BIG TWELVE Conference
ConfAllScoring ATS
BAYLOR8-10.88911-20.84652.423.5+28.8 Pts7-04-29-4-069.2%9-4-0
OKLAHOMA7-20.77811-20.84632.822.1+10.8 Pts6-05-28-5-061.5%8-5-0
OKLAHOMA ST7-20.77810-30.76939.121.6+17.5 Pts5-15-28-5-061.5%6-7-0
TEXAS7-20.7788-50.61529.325.8+3.5 Pts4-24-35-7-141.7%5-8-0
KANSAS ST5-40.5568-50.61533.222.9+10.3 Pts5-33-28-5-061.5%5-8-0
TEXAS TECH4-50.4448-50.61535.830.5+5.2 Pts4-24-36-7-046.2%8-5-0
TCU2-70.2224-80.33325.125.2-0.2 Pts3-31-54-8-033.3%6-6-0
W VIRGINIA2-70.2224-80.33326.333.3-7.0 Pts3-31-53-8-127.3%6-6-0
IOWA ST2-70.2223-90.25024.836.0-11.2 Pts1-52-46-6-050.0%8-4-0
KANSAS1-80.1113-90.25015.331.8-16.5 Pts3-40-54-8-033.3%5-7-0
CONF USA Conference
EastConfAllScoring ATS
MARSHALL7-20.77810-40.71442.122.9+19.2 Pts6-04-48-5-161.5%7-6-1
E CAROLINA6-20.75010-30.76940.224.8+15.4 Pts5-15-27-5-158.3%8-5-0
MIDDLE TENN ST6-20.7508-50.61529.026.2+2.8 Pts5-13-45-7-141.7%5-8-0
FLA ATLANTIC4-40.5006-60.50026.422.2+4.2 Pts3-23-48-3-172.7%5-7-0
UAB1-70.1252-100.16726.243.8-17.5 Pts1-41-64-8-033.3%10-2-0
SOUTHERN MISS1-70.1251-110.08317.141.9-24.8 Pts0-51-63-9-025.0%7-5-0
FLA INTERNATIONAL1-70.1251-110.0839.837.0-27.2 Pts0-61-54-8-033.3%4-8-0
WestConfAllScoring ATS
RICE8-10.88910-40.71429.624.4+5.2 Pts6-04-48-6-057.1%6-7-1
NORTH TEXAS6-20.7509-40.69231.817.8+14.1 Pts5-14-310-3-076.9%4-9-0
UTSA6-20.7507-50.58325.626.3-0.8 Pts3-34-27-4-163.6%3-9-0
TULANE5-30.6257-60.53824.821.4+3.4 Pts5-12-59-4-069.2%5-8-0
LOUISIANA TECH3-50.3754-80.33319.226.2-7.1 Pts2-32-54-8-033.3%2-10-0
TULSA2-60.2503-90.25021.133.9-12.8 Pts1-52-43-9-025.0%7-5-0
UTEP1-70.1252-100.16721.839.3-17.6 Pts1-41-62-10-016.7%6-6-0
ConfAllScoring ATS
NOTRE DAME2-01.0009-40.69227.222.4+4.8 Pts5-14-35-7-141.7%5-8-0
OLD DOMINION1-01.0008-40.66742.334.0+8.3 Pts6-02-43-2-060.0%3-1-0
NEW MEXICO ST1-01.0002-100.16720.944.6-23.7 Pts2-50-54-7-036.4%9-2-0
NAVY1-10.5009-40.69233.524.4+9.2 Pts5-04-410-3-076.9%5-8-0
BYU0-10.0008-50.61530.222.1+8.1 Pts5-13-46-7-046.2%3-9-0
ARMY0-10.0003-90.25024.431.6-7.2 Pts2-31-64-8-033.3%5-7-0
IDAHO0-20.0001-110.08318.246.8-28.6 Pts1-40-73-9-025.0%7-5-0
MAC Conference
EastConfAllScoring ATS
BOWLING GREEN8-10.88910-40.71434.815.9+18.9 Pts5-15-310-4-071.4%4-9-1
BUFFALO6-20.7508-50.61530.324.4+5.9 Pts5-13-48-5-061.5%9-4-0
OHIO U4-40.5007-60.53827.427.5-0.1 Pts5-22-46-7-046.2%4-9-0
AKRON4-40.5005-70.41720.228.6-8.4 Pts3-32-46-6-050.0%4-8-0
KENT ST3-50.3754-80.33320.826.9-6.2 Pts2-32-54-8-033.3%5-7-0
MASSACHUSETTS1-70.1251-110.08311.733.0-21.3 Pts1-50-65-7-041.7%3-9-0
MIAMI OHIO0-80.0000-120.0009.835.7-25.9 Pts0-50-73-9-025.0%4-7-1
WestConfAllScoring ATS
N ILLINOIS8-10.88912-20.85739.625.1+14.6 Pts5-07-28-6-057.1%8-6-0
BALL ST7-10.87510-30.76938.524.7+13.8 Pts6-04-38-5-061.5%8-5-0
TOLEDO5-30.6257-50.58333.028.6+4.4 Pts5-12-47-5-058.3%5-7-0
C MICHIGAN5-30.6256-60.50023.228.6-5.3 Pts3-23-46-6-050.0%3-8-1
E MICHIGAN1-70.1252-100.16718.845.2-26.3 Pts2-30-72-10-016.7%10-2-0
W MICHIGAN1-70.1251-110.08317.235.4-18.2 Pts0-51-64-8-033.3%4-8-0
MountainConfAllScoring ATS
UTAH ST7-20.7789-50.64331.817.1+14.7 Pts4-25-39-5-064.3%6-8-0
BOISE ST6-20.7508-50.61537.524.8+12.7 Pts6-02-56-7-046.2%7-6-0
COLORADO ST5-30.6258-60.57136.229.8+6.4 Pts4-24-410-4-071.4%9-3-1
WYOMING3-50.3755-70.41731.236.7-5.4 Pts4-21-55-7-041.7%6-6-0
NEW MEXICO1-70.1253-90.25032.842.8-10.0 Pts2-41-56-6-050.0%9-3-0
AIR FORCE0-80.0002-100.16724.740.0-15.3 Pts2-50-53-9-025.0%8-4-0
WestConfAllScoring ATS
FRESNO ST8-10.88911-20.84643.430.3+13.1 Pts7-04-25-8-038.5%6-7-0
SAN DIEGO ST6-20.7508-50.61529.831.7-1.9 Pts3-35-27-6-053.8%7-6-0
UNLV5-30.6257-60.53829.931.8-1.9 Pts4-33-38-5-061.5%6-6-1
SAN JOSE ST5-30.6256-60.50032.435.1-2.7 Pts3-33-36-6-050.0%6-5-1
NEVADA3-50.3754-80.33326.934.4-7.5 Pts4-20-66-6-050.0%4-8-0
HAWAII0-80.0001-110.08327.438.8-11.3 Pts1-50-67-5-058.3%8-4-0
PAC TWELVE Conference
NorthConfAllScoring ATS
STANFORD8-20.80011-30.78632.319.0+13.3 Pts7-04-37-7-050.0%6-8-0
OREGON7-20.77811-20.84645.520.5+25.0 Pts7-04-28-5-061.5%7-6-0
WASHINGTON5-40.5569-40.69237.922.8+15.1 Pts6-13-37-6-053.8%6-7-0
OREGON ST4-50.4447-60.53834.831.4+3.4 Pts2-45-27-6-053.8%7-6-0
WASHINGTON ST4-50.4446-70.46231.032.5-1.5 Pts3-23-59-4-069.2%7-5-1
CALIFORNIA0-90.0001-110.08323.045.9-22.9 Pts1-60-52-10-016.7%5-6-1
SouthConfAllScoring ATS
ARIZONA ST8-20.80010-40.71439.726.6+13.1 Pts7-13-37-7-050.0%9-5-0
UCLA6-30.66710-30.76936.923.2+13.8 Pts5-15-29-4-069.2%6-7-0
USC6-30.66710-40.71429.721.2+8.5 Pts5-25-27-7-050.0%5-9-0
ARIZONA4-50.4448-50.61533.524.2+9.2 Pts4-24-36-6-150.0%5-8-0
UTAH2-70.2225-70.41729.228.0+1.2 Pts4-31-46-6-050.0%5-7-0
COLORADO1-80.1114-80.33325.438.2-12.8 Pts3-31-57-5-058.3%7-4-0
SEC Conference
EastConfAllScoring ATS
MISSOURI7-20.77812-20.85739.123.1+16.1 Pts6-16-111-3-078.6%8-6-0
S CAROLINA6-20.75011-20.84634.120.3+13.8 Pts7-04-27-6-053.8%6-7-0
GEORGIA5-30.6258-50.61536.729.0+7.7 Pts5-13-43-9-125.0%8-4-1
VANDERBILT4-40.5009-40.69230.124.6+5.5 Pts5-24-27-6-053.8%8-5-0
FLORIDA3-50.3754-80.33318.821.1-2.2 Pts3-31-54-8-033.3%4-8-0
TENNESSEE2-60.2505-70.41723.829.0-5.2 Pts4-31-45-7-041.7%5-5-2
KENTUCKY0-80.0002-100.16720.531.2-10.7 Pts2-50-54-8-033.3%5-7-0
WestConfAllScoring ATS
AUBURN8-10.88912-20.85739.524.7+14.8 Pts8-04-212-2-085.7%8-6-0
ALABAMA7-10.87511-20.84638.213.9+24.2 Pts7-04-27-6-053.8%6-6-1
LSU5-30.62510-30.76935.822.0+13.8 Pts7-03-35-7-141.7%8-4-1
TEXAS A&M4-40.5009-40.69244.232.2+12.0 Pts6-23-25-8-038.5%9-4-0
OLE MISS3-50.3758-50.61530.023.7+6.3 Pts5-23-37-6-053.8%6-7-0
MISSISSIPPI ST3-50.3757-60.53827.723.0+4.7 Pts5-22-48-5-061.5%5-8-0
ARKANSAS0-80.0003-90.25020.730.8-10.1 Pts3-40-54-8-033.3%7-5-0
SUN BELT Conference
ConfAllScoring ATS
LA LAFAYETTE5-20.7149-40.69233.826.5+7.3 Pts5-14-35-8-038.5%7-6-0
ARKANSAS ST5-20.7148-50.61529.226.2+3.0 Pts5-13-48-5-061.5%7-6-0
W KENTUCKY4-30.5718-40.66730.824.6+6.2 Pts3-25-25-7-041.7%5-6-1
S ALABAMA4-30.5716-60.50029.425.2+4.2 Pts4-22-48-4-066.7%4-6-2
TROY4-30.5716-60.50034.135.9-1.8 Pts4-12-55-7-041.7%11-1-0
LA MONROE4-30.5716-60.50022.230.2-7.9 Pts2-34-35-7-041.7%5-7-0
TEXAS ST2-50.2866-60.50023.927.3-3.4 Pts4-22-45-7-041.7%6-6-0
GEORGIA ST0-70.0000-120.00018.836.7-17.9 Pts0-70-58-3-172.7%6-6-0
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MLBNew York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays4:10 PM PST
MLBCincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubs11:20 AM PST
England - DivisionsDerby County at Doncaster Rovers11:30 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Stade Rennes at AS Saint Etienne11:30 AM PST
Spain - La LigaElche CF at Atletico Madrid11:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsPeterborough Utd at Bradford City11:45 AM PST
England - DivisionsHereford Utd at Tamworth FC11:45 AM PST
Ireland - PremierShamrock Rovers FC at Dundalk FC11:45 AM PST
Ireland - PremierBohemians Dublin FC at Saint Patrick's Athletic FC11:45 AM PST
Ireland - PremierUniversity College Dublin at Sligo Rovers FC11:45 AM PST
Scotland - PremierAberdeen FC at Inverness Caledonian Thistle11:45 AM PST
Brazil - Serie BParana Clube PR at Sampaio Correa MA3:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BPortuguesa SP at Joinville SC3:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BLuverdense MT at Vila Nova GO3:30 PM PST
MLBMilwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Pirates4:05 PM PST
MLBSt. Louis Cardinals vs Washington Nationals4:05 PM PST
MLBToronto Blue Jays vs Cleveland Indians4:05 PM PST
MLBLos Angeles Angels vs Detroit Tigers4:05 PM PST
NHLMontreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning4:05 PM PST
MLBAtlanta Braves vs New York Mets4:10 PM PST
MLBNew York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays4:10 PM PST
MLBBaltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox4:10 PM PST
MLBSeattle Mariners vs Miami Marlins4:10 PM PST
NHLDetroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins4:35 PM PST
MLBChicago White Sox vs Texas Rangers5:05 PM PST
Argentina - MinorNueva Chicago at Club Almagro5:05 PM PST
MLBMinnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royals5:10 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraCruz Azul at Monarcas Morelia5:30 PM PST
MLBPhiladelphia Phillies vs Colorado Rockies5:40 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BIcasa CE at Ponte Preta SP5:50 PM PST
MLBHouston Astros vs Oakland Athletics7:05 PM PST
NHLDallas Stars vs Anaheim Ducks7:05 PM PST
MLBSan Francisco Giants vs San Diego Padres7:10 PM PST
MLBArizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers7:10 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraJaguares de Chiapas at Santos Laguna7:30 PM PST
Japan - Japan LeagueSagan Tosu at Vegalta Sendai10:00 PM PST
Japan - Japan LeagueShimizu S-Pulse at Tokushima Vortis10:00 PM PST
Japan - Japan LeagueVissel Kobe at Kashima Antlers11:00 PM PST
Japan - Japan LeagueYokohama F Marinos at Kashiwa Reysol11:00 PM PST
England - DivisionsWrexham FC at Chester City04:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsQueens Park Rangers at Leicester City04:15 AM PST
England - DivisionsLuton Town at Welling Utd04:30 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueRFK Terek Grozny at FC Lokomotiv Moscow04:30 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueFulham FC at Tottenham Hotspur04:45 AM PST
Scotland - PremierCeltic FC at Motherwell FC04:45 AM PST
France - Ligue 2AJ Auxerre at SM Caen05:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ACagliari Calcio at Genoa FC06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AHellas Verona at Atalanta Bergamasca06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AInter Milan at Parma FC06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AAS Livorno at AC Milan06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ASSC Napoli at Udinese Calcio06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ASampdoria Genoa at Catania Calcio06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AUS Sassuolo at AC Chievo Verona06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ATurin FC at Lazio Roma06:00 AM PST
Germany - Bundesliga1 Fsv Mainz 05 at Borussia Dortmund06:30 AM PST
Germany - Bundesliga1899 Hoffenheim at Werder Bremen06:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaMonchengladbach at SC Freiburg06:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaHertha BSC at FC Augsburg06:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaBayern Munich at Eintracht Braunschweig06:30 AM PST
Wales -Premier LeagueCarmarthen Town AFC at Airbus UK Broughton06:30 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFC Banik Ostrava at 1 SC Znojmo07:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. Liga1 FC Slovacko at FC Slovan Liberec07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsIpswich Town at Watford FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBirmingham City at Nottingham Forest07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsMillwall FC at Middlesbrough FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsLeeds Utd at Barnsley FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsMacclesfield Town at Halifax Town07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsWoking FC at Forest Green Rovers07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBarnet FC at Nuneaton Town FC07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueSouthampton FC at Aston Villa07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueStoke City at Cardiff City07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueSwansea City at Newcastle Utd07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueCrystal Palace at West Ham Utd07:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Tel Aviv at Ironi Kiryat Shmona07:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueZenit St Petersburg at FC Anzhi Makhachkala07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierDundee United at FC St Johnstone07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierRoss County FC at Heart of Midlothian07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierPartick Thistle at Kilmarnock FC07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierHibernian FC at FC St Mirren07:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaValencia CF at CA Osasuna07:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Akko at Ashdod SC08:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Raanana at Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv08:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueMaccabi Petach Tikva at Ironi Ramat Hasharon08:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaAcademica Coimbra at CS Maritimo08:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaCD Nacional at FC Pacos Ferreira08:00 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraDeportes Iquique at Palestino08:30 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaGD Estoril Praia at Gil Vicente FC09:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaGetafe CF at Levante UD09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionPonferradina SD at CD Lugo09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCordoba CF at Hercules CF09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionSD Eibar at Real Madrid Castilla09:15 AM PST
NBABrooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors09:30 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueSunderland AFC at Chelsea FC09:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaVfL Wolfsburg at Hamburger SV09:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie ABologna FC at Juventus Turin09:30 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Beer Sheva at Maccabi Haifa09:30 AM PST
Argentina - MinorCA Platense at Deportivo Merlo09:35 AM PST
Ecuador - Serie ALiga Dep Universitaria Quito at CD Universidad Catolica10:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionGirona FC at Barcelona B FC10:00 AM PST
MLBSt. Louis Cardinals vs Washington Nationals10:05 AM PST
MLBToronto Blue Jays vs Cleveland Indians10:05 AM PST
MLBLos Angeles Angels vs Detroit Tigers10:05 AM PST
MLBBaltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox10:35 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraUniversidad de Chile at Universidad de Concepcion11:00 AM PST
MLBMinnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royals11:10 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFK Baumit Jablonec at FK Mlada Boleslav11:15 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaSporting Lisbon at CF Os Belenenses11:15 AM PST
MLBCincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubs11:20 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionCerro Largo FC at Club Nacional de Football11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionRacing Club Mdeo. at Danubio FC11:30 AM PST
Argentina - Primera BDouglas Haig at Independiente Rivadavia12:00 PM PST
Argentina - Primera BCA Aldosivi at CA Banfield12:00 PM PST
Argentina - Primera BDefensa y Justicia at Almirante Brown12:00 PM PST
Argentina - Primera BBoca Unidos at Villa San Carlos12:00 PM PST
Italy - Serie AAS Roma at AC Fiorentina12:00 PM PST
NHLChicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues12:05 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BABC RN at Santa Cruz PE12:20 PM PST
NBAGolden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers12:30 PM PST
Colombia - Torneo PostobonJaguares d. Cordoba at FC Aguablanca12:30 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaUniversitario de Deportes at FBC Melgar1:00 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaUniversidad Cesar Vallejo at Los Caimanes1:00 PM PST
USA - MLSHouston Dynamo at Philadelphia Union1:00 PM PST
USA - MLSNew England Revolution at Chicago Fire1:00 PM PST
MLBHouston Astros vs Oakland Athletics1:05 PM PST
Argentina - MinorUAI Urquiza at Club Atletico Atlanta1:05 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraEstudiantes de La Plata at CA Rosario Central1:10 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraClub Olimpo at Quilmes AC1:10 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraO`higgins FC at Union Espanola1:30 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaUTC de Cajamarca at Universidad San Martin1:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AVitoria BA at Internacional RS2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AFigueirense FC at Fluminense RJ2:30 PM PST
UFCH Perpetuo vs J Mein2:45 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraGallos Blancos at America de Mexico3:00 PM PST
USA - MLSSan Jose Earthquakes at Colorado Rapids3:00 PM PST
UFCC Magalhaes vs L Zachrich3:10 PM PST
UFCA White vs E Payan3:35 PM PST
UFCP Healy vs J Masvidal4:00 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraHuachipato at Deportes Union La Calera4:00 PM PST
USA - MLSLa Galaxy at Vancouver Whitecaps FC4:00 PM PST
MLBMilwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Pirates4:05 PM PST
NBAAtlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers4:05 PM PST
NHLColumbus Blue Jackets vs Pittsburgh Penguins4:05 PM PST
MLBAtlanta Braves vs New York Mets4:10 PM PST
MLBNew York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays4:10 PM PST
MLBSeattle Mariners vs Miami Marlins4:10 PM PST
UFCS Baczynski vs T Alves4:20 PM PST
UFCR Dos Anjos vs K Nurmagomedov4:35 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACoritiba PR at Chapecoense SC5:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BAvai SC at America RN5:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BOeste SP at Ceara CE5:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraTiburones Rojos at CF Monterrey5:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraFC Puebla at CF Pachuca5:00 PM PST
MLBChicago White Sox vs Texas Rangers5:05 PM PST
MLBArizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers5:10 PM PST
MLBPhiladelphia Phillies vs Colorado Rockies5:10 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraNewell's Old Boys at CA San Lorenzo5:30 PM PST
UFCE Barboza vs D Cerrone5:35 PM PST
MLBSan Francisco Giants vs San Diego Padres5:40 PM PST
UFCL Carmouche vs M Tate6:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraUanl Tigres at Leon6:06 PM PST
UFCF Werdum vs T Browne6:30 PM PST
BOXINGB Shumenov vs B Hopkins6:30 PM PST
USA - MLSPortland Timbers at Real Salt Lake6:30 PM PST
NBAMemphis Grizzlies vs Oklahoma City Thunder6:35 PM PST
NHLMinnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche6:35 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionCS Herediano at Limon FC7:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraClub Tijuana at CF Atlante7:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraDeportivo Toluca at Atlas7:00 PM PST
USA - MLSSeattle Sounders at Chivas Usa7:30 PM PST
Spain - La LigaCelta de Vigo at UD Almeria03:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionDeportivo La Coruna at RCD Mallorca03:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueLiverpool FC at Norwich City04:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1OGC Nice at AS Monaco05:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueFC Krasnodar at FC Dinamo Moscow05:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueArsenal FC at Hull City06:05 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaBayer Leverkusen at 1 FC Nuremberg06:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionMdeo. Wanderers FC at CA Rentistas06:30 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueCSKA Moscow at FC Kuban Krasnodar07:30 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFC Zbrojovka Brno at FK Teplice08:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. Liga1 FK Pribram at SK Sigma Olomouc08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1AC Ajaccio at SC Bastia08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1EA Guingamp at FC Girondins Bordeaux08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Montpellier Hsc at FC Lorient08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1FC Nantes at Valenciennes FC08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1FC Sochaux at Stade Reims08:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaBetis Sevilla at Rayo Vallecano08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCD Alaves at Recreativo Huelva08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionReal Murcia CF at Sporting Gijon08:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueManchester Utd at Everton FC08:10 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaFC Schalke 04 at VfB Stuttgart08:30 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionReal Jaen at Real Zaragoza09:15 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaSparta Prague at Dukla Prague10:00 AM PST
Mexico - PrimeraGuadalajara Chivas at Unam Pumas10:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaSC Olhanense at Benfica Lisbon10:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaGranada CF at Sevilla FC10:00 AM PST
NBADallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs10:05 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraUniversidad Catolica at Colo Colo11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionCA Cerro at Miramar Missiones11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionDefensor Sporting at El Tanque Sisley11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionLiverpool M. at Juventud de LP11:30 AM PST
Argentina - PrimeraCA Belgrano at Colon de Santa Fe12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ABotafogo RJ at Sao Paulo SP12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AGremio RS at Atletico Paranaense12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACorinthians SP at Atletico Mineiro MG12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACruzeiro MG at EC Bahia BA12:00 PM PST
France - Ligue 1Lille Osc at Olympique Marseille12:00 PM PST
Spain - La LigaAthletic Bilbao at FC Barcelona12:00 PM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCE Sabadell at Alcorcon AD12:00 PM PST
NBACharlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat12:30 PM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaUniversitario de Sucre at CA Nacional Potosi12:30 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionFC Puntarenas at Uruguay de Coronado12:30 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraRacing Club at Argentinos Jrs1:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraAtletico Lanus at Arsenal de Sarandi1:00 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIDeportivo La Equidad at Deportivo Cali1:15 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIBoyaca Chico FC at Independiente Medellin1:15 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionGeneral Diaz at Club Libertad Asuncion1:45 PM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaSan Jose Oruro at Clube Desportivo Aurora2:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraVelez Sarsfield at River Plate2:15 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AGoias GO at Flamengo RJ2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ASport Recife PE at Santos FC SP2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie APalmeiras SP at Criciuma SC2:30 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraNublense at Everton de Vina Del Mar2:30 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionSantos de Guapiles at AD Carmelita3:00 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionLiga Deportiva Alajuelense at Universidad de Costa Rica3:00 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIDeportes Tolima at Millonarios FC3:30 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaCD San Simon at Alianza Lima3:45 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionCD Belen Siglo Xxi at Deportivo Saprissa4:00 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionClub Guarani at Sol de America4:00 PM PST
NBAWashington Wizards vs Chicago Bulls4:05 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraBoca Juniors at CA Tigre5:30 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIDeportivo Pasto at Fortaleza FC5:45 PM PST
NBAPortland Trailblazers vs Houston Rockets6:35 PM PST
NBAMemphis Grizzlies vs Oklahoma City Thunder5:00 PM PST
NBAGolden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers7:35 PM PST
NBAAtlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers4:00 PM PST
NBABrooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors4:35 PM PST
NBAWashington Wizards vs Chicago Bulls6:35 PM PST
BOXINGJ Diaz vs K Thurman7:15 PM PST
BOXINGM Maidana vs F Mayweather Jr8:00 PM PST
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